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Welcome to Digi Press! We have a wide variety of creative design and printing services available that suit the needs of any business or individual. Have a look at the offerings below and click here to get a quotation.

Printing & Copying

Image by JJ Ying

We work on a range of black & colour copiers and printers to deliver fast, efficient and quality products at competitive rates, from single duplication to multiple training manuals that require a specific, quality finish. We have various types of paper in different weights and finishes available to suit your requirements.

Finishing & Binding

Image by Sticker Mule

Our production team boast more than 15 years experience, and are ever ready to solve whatever challenges you might face. Their eye for detail and professional workmanship ensure quality service delivery.

Large Format Printing

Ink Jet Printer

Large format printing done onto a variety of mediums such as: Vinyl (gloss, matt or clear), Contra Vison for shop and car windows, Sandblasted glass and clear perspex, PVC backlight for light boxes, Block out PVC for banners, Non-curl PVC for pull up banners, hanging banners, posters, Wallpaper, Paper, Canvas, and limited Textiles.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designing

We have a dedicated team of graphic designers ready to help you achieve your desired look and feel for your brand or company.



Click the link below for our latest pricelist along with some other helpful files. An artwork guide to help you understand what we  need from you when we say print ready. Also coming soon will be a template guide to help smooth the process even more.

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